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About Ningxia University

Ningxia University was built in 1958, the result of a joint effort between the government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the Chinese Ministry of Education. This higher-education institution was one of the focal points of China's "211 Projects" initiative. The campus sits in Yinchuan, a city of long history, beautiful scenery, and historic culture. Ningxia University currently made up of 24 schools, encompassing 70different undergraduate disciplines, spanning the 10 fields of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, natural science, engineering, agriculture, and management. It has 5 first-level doctoral programs, 23 second-level doctoral programs, 26 first-level masters programs, 152 second-level masters programs, and accreditations for 5 specialized masters programs.

Ningxia University is one of the first higher-education institutions approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education to receive foreign students, with foreign students coming to China able to receive Chinese government scholarships. Associated with China's Confucius Institute, it is the only location in Ningxia approved to administer the HSK (standardized test for Chinese language proficiency). Since 1992,the University has received more than 2000 students from 40 different countries, including South Korea, the United States of America, Japan,Russia, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan.Education of Foreign Students - Program Distinctive Foreign students are eligible to enroll in any academic discipline offered at the University.

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